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Optimize Your Tech Stack with NGINX
Achieve consistent, high-performance app and API delivery with NGINX Plus and NGINX App Protect DoS. This integrated solution offers a lightweight load balancer, reverse proxy, and API gateway, fortified with Layer 7 DoS protection.

NGINX Plus: Versatile and Efficient
NGINX Plus can function autonomously or synergize with AWS tools, including existing load balancers and AWS Lambda. This reduces app delivery and management costs. It’s packed with features like session maintenance, API-driven configurations, and real-time health assessments, enhancing your AWS app ecosystem.

NGINX App Protect DoS: Seamless Web App Protection
Guard your web applications with NGINX App Protect DoS. This modern security solution integrates effortlessly with DevOps environments, offering Layer 7 DoS defense. It operates across platforms and AWS hybrid settings, ensuring uniform protection. Its versatility reduces complexity and overhead, and it offers insights via SIEM tool integration. Enjoy scalable protection for various apps and APIs on NGINX Plus.

Dynamic Security with NGINX App Protect DoS
Harness eBPF and XDP technology with NGINX App Protect DoS to counter Layer 7 attacks. It’s easy to set up and can function independently or alongside NGINX App Protect WAF. It’s equipped to thwart sophisticated DoS/DDoS attacks on both traditional and modern applications.

Adaptive Learning and Mitigation
NGINX App Protect DoS uses machine learning to discern normal traffic patterns, reducing false positives. It auto-generates dynamic signatures for attack mitigation and adapts to changing behaviors. Its adaptive learning ensures hands-free policy configuration and delivers consistent protection against emerging threats. It offers a multi-layered defense strategy tailored to each application’s needs.

Empowering DevSecOps with NGINX App Protect DoS
NGINX App Protect DoS bridges the gap between SecOps and DevOps, fostering a shift towards a DevSecOps strategy. By facilitating “security as code,” it ensures consistent app security automation, enabling rapid application deployment without security compromises.