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In a CI/CD pipeline, a repository manager fulfills the crucial role of storing a diverse array of artifacts required for both the build and deployment phases. It operates as a central hub for the storage and seamless sharing of a wide range of artifacts, including third-party libraries and internally developed applications. These artifacts are essential components of the build and deployment processes. Nexus Repository Manager stands out as one of the most widely recognized solutions that not only addresses this requirement comprehensively but goes beyond. It boasts the capability to manage all types of artifacts, ranging from raw files to Linux-specific repository items like RPM packages and Docker images.

Additionally, a collection of software applications, including WordPress, Jenkins, various databases, the LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring applications, has been made available and is extensively utilized by both system administrators and DevOps engineers. For specific Linux distributions, there are also specially prepared images adhering to the CIS benchmark standards. These Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) have been created following official installation procedures, eliminating the need to learn custom configurations in cases where additional setup is necessary.