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MySQL, an exceptional relational database management system (RDBMS) created by Oracle, has its roots deeply embedded in structured query language (SQL).

The specific configuration of this image has been carefully established in accordance with the guidelines delineated in the CIS Benchmark. These CIS Benchmarks, notable for their neutrality towards vendors, serve as consensus-driven directives for security configurations. They have been formulated collaboratively and are embraced by government entities, businesses, various industries, and academic institutions alike. CIS Benchmarks also provide a fundamental framework for aligning with a multitude of cybersecurity standards and frameworks.

The bedrock of this image’s setup derives from the CIS Benchmark, an initiative thoughtfully designed for professionals spanning the roles of system and application administrators, security experts, auditors, help desk personnel, and those responsible for platform deployment. This collective array of professionals encompasses individuals engaged in the development, deployment, evaluation, and fortification of solutions incorporating this Linux system.

Choosing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that has undergone the meticulous hardening process, as exemplified here, yields tangible benefits for your organization’s AWS solution. This decision translates to valuable time savings, cost efficiencies, and a reduction in the risks associated with your AWS implementation.