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MySQL stands as a relational database management system (RDBMS) meticulously crafted by Oracle, grounded in the principles of structured query language (SQL).

This specific image has been meticulously preconfigured to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks, known for their vendor-agnostic nature, constitute a collective and consensus-driven approach to devising security configuration standards. They are widely recognized and embraced across government, business sectors, various industries, and the academic sphere. By adhering to CIS Benchmarks, a strong underpinning is established for meeting the demands of numerous cybersecurity frameworks.

The core of this image’s configuration is rooted in the CIS Benchmark, which has been expertly crafted for the benefit of an extensive audience. This audience encompasses professionals with roles such as system and application administrators, security experts, auditors, help desk personnel, and individuals responsible for platform deployment. Their collective responsibilities encompass developing, deploying, evaluating, and fortifying solutions that incorporate this Linux system.

Opting for an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that has undergone the rigorous hardening process, as exemplified by this image, yields tangible benefits for your organization’s AWS solution. These benefits encompass efficiency gains, cost-effectiveness, and the reduction of risks associated with AWS implementation.