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MDACA Sync Guard is a versatile solution designed for enterprises seeking flexibility in data synchronization. It enables the capture of data from one or multiple primary databases and efficiently syncs it to one or multiple target databases. With granular control, you can choose specific tables or entire databases for synchronization.

This robust tool is engineered to support high-transaction, high-ingestion, and high-volume environments, catering to advanced big data enterprise requirements. Key features and values of MDACA Sync Guard include:

1. Facilitates near real-time data movement and delivery.
2. Offers disaster recovery capabilities and the ability to sync data to multiple standby databases.
3. Minimizes the impact of unplanned outages and supports database migrations or upgrades with minimal downtime.
4. Supports data queries and log-based change data capture with transactional integrity for seamless big data integration.
5. Provides comprehensive management and monitoring tools with analytics and metrics to streamline enterprise data synchronization and replication efforts.

MDACA PDB Sync Guard is meticulously designed to leverage cloud-optimized hardware configurations. It works seamlessly with the MDACA big data Performance Database (PDB), enabling the ingestion of billions of daily transactions from various sources. This industry-leading solution offers ease of use, scalability, and fault tolerance to meet the high-throughput data ingestion needs of enterprises, supporting data fabric and data federation requirements.