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This image facilitates the deployment of your LAMP server on AWS through a streamlined deploy procedure.

What is the LAMP stack?
The LAMP stack stands as a prominent choice for web development. LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MariaDB, and PHP. The stack’s popularity arises from its open-source nature, reliability, and suitability for constructing dynamic websites and web applications. Linux provides a stable and robust operating system foundation, Apache serves as a widely utilized web server, MariaDB offers a potent and adaptable relational database management system, while PHP represents a well-liked server-side scripting language that seamlessly integrates with the other stack components. Collectively, these technologies establish a robust groundwork for creating and deploying web projects of various scopes.

Why should you employ this image?
This image simplifies the process of deploying your LAMP stack on AWS, allowing you and your developers to concentrate on ensuring the proper functioning of your PHP-driven application or website. Additionally, this image includes PhpMyAdmin, a user-friendly web-based interface for efficiently managing MariaDB. You’ll have the capability to manage SQL databases using a tool trusted by professionals.

Key Features:

Hassle-free deployment (deploy)
Inclusion of the latest versions of Ubuntu, Apache, MariaDB, and PHP
Handholding support is available to assist you in the initial stages.
So, why wait? Embark on your next web project with LAMP today and experience its multitude of advantages!
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Quick Start Guide:

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Configure your server to align with your application’s requirements.
Launch your server (initial deployment may take approximately 5 minutes).
Access your server using the IP Address provided by AWS for the initial setup.