An IIHT Company

A general-purpose build machine is essential in an environment where a diverse portfolio of products requires building, packaging, testing, and production or release to customers.

The Build Server AMI is preloaded with the necessary tools for building and packaging applications across various platforms and application development environments. These tools include a Git Client, Ant, Maven, Gradle, OpenJDK releases from 9 through 15, C/C++ compilers, Go compiler, Python versions 2.7 and 3.x, Docker, Node.js, Ansible, AWS CLI, and kubectl.

software applications, such as WordPress, Jenkins, databases, LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring applications, have been released by the organization. These applications are widely utilized by system administrators and DevOps engineers. Additionally, hardened images based on CIS benchmarks are available for selected Linux distributions. The AMIs created by the organization follow official installation steps, eliminating the need to learn custom procedures for additional configurations.