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“Apache Kafka, an open-source distributed event streaming platform, is harnessed by thousands of organizations to establish high-performance data pipelines, conduct streaming analytics, facilitate data integration, and support mission-critical applications.

Kafka brings together three core capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for end-to-end event streaming in a battle-tested manner:

Event Publication and Subscription: Kafka empowers users to both write (publish) and read (subscribe) to streams of events. This includes continuous data import/export from external systems.

Durable and Reliable Event Storage: Kafka ensures the durable and reliable storage of event streams for extended periods as needed.

Real-time and Retrospective Event Processing: Kafka enables the processing of event streams in real-time as they occur, as well as retrospectively.

All of these features are delivered within a distributed, highly scalable, elastic, fault-tolerant, and secure framework. Kafka operates as a distributed system, encompassing servers and clients that communicate efficiently via a high-performance TCP network protocol.”