An IIHT Company

This is an open-source no-code/low-code application platform for faster, simpler digital transformation. It combines the best of business process automation, workflow management, and rapid application development in a simple, flexible, and open platform. Visual and web-based, this platform empowers non-coders to instantly build and maintain apps anytime, anywhere. It makes it easy to empower business users, non-coders, or coders to create enterprise applications for customer management, operational excellence, business process management, and administration. Every organization demands easy-to-build and adaptable applications, and it enables those application delivery goals with a low total cost of ownership. With more than 2,000 installations and 10,000 community users worldwide across various industries (including finance, manufacturing, IT, and more), it is a proven platform for a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and small businesses. This image includes the DX 8 with a 10-user license and the required database as an All-in-One image.