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Jenkins stands as the leading open-source CI/CD automation server, aiding software developers in streamlining various aspects of the software lifecycle, including building, testing, and deploying, thereby facilitating continuous integration and delivery.

Jenkins possesses the capability to automate the build and deployment processes for a wide spectrum of programming languages and platforms, encompassing Golang, Ruby, Shell scripts, Python, .Net, Java, C#, testing frameworks, Infrastructure as Code, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Windows, and various cloud providers.

This offering includes the most up-to-date Jenkins server software, built upon the robust foundation of Amazon Linux 2. Launch your resilient CI/CD infrastructure today and embark on your DevOps journey!

Advantages of Utilizing Jenkins

Leading CI/CD Platform with Strong Community Support
Intuitive Web UI for Effortless Administration
Easily Configurable to Handle Multiple Programming Languages
Seamless Integration with GitHub, Gitlab, and Other SCM Tools
Rapid Detection of Code Errors, Allowing Proactive Bug Resolution
Extensive Plugin Ecosystem Empowers CI/CD Automation
Key Product Features

Full Root SSH Access
Jenkins Server
OpenJDK 11
Amazon Linux 2
Out-of-the-Box DevOps CI/CD Automation
Jenkins Agents

Much like other industry-standard CI/CD platforms, Jenkins leverages agents as worker nodes for job processing. This build supports Linux, Windows, and MacOSX build agents, ensuring versatility in your automation endeavors.