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This is a repackaged open-source software product, and it includes additional charges for operating system patching and maintenance services provided by Kurian. The Jenkins slave AMI, configured by Kurian, comes preloaded with a comprehensive set of popular tools necessary for running various build jobs and automation tasks within Jenkins:

Git Client
Java OpenJDK 11 LTS as the default Java installation
OpenJDK LTS releases 8 and 17
GNU C/C++ compilers
Go compiler
Python 2.7 and 3
All these tools are installed following the official vendor guidelines, eliminating the need for custom environment setup. You can build on the stable baseline provided by this AMI.

The build slaves created from this AMI work seamlessly with Jenkins servers generated from Kurian’s line of Jenkins Server AMIs, available for major Linux distributions.

Kurian offers software applications, including WordPress, Jenkins, databases, LAMP stack, Ansible, DevOps tools, and monitoring applications, which are commonly used by system administrators and DevOps engineers. Additionally, Kurian provides hardened images based on the CIS benchmark for selected Linux distributions. These Kurian AMIs are built following official installation procedures, reducing the need to learn custom configurations.