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Jenkins is primarily utilized for automating software builds and creating CI/CD pipelines within a software development organization. Nevertheless, it can also function as a versatile DevOps automation platform, capable of hosting and orchestrating a variety of automation, provisioning, and system maintenance tasks.

When you launch an AWS EC2 node using Jenkins Server AMI, the Jenkins Automation Server is promptly up and running, fully functional. Additionally, it includes a set of supplementary tools commonly found in a DevOps toolchain, which are essential for implementing various automation projects. These tools encompass:

Essential Jenkins plugins
Open JDK 8 and C/C++ compilers
Python 2.7 and 3.x
Git Client
Importantly, it’s worth noting that the Jenkins configuration remains consistent with the official installation guidelines. Consequently, there is no need to customize the Jenkins setup when building upon the baseline platform provided by this AMI.