An IIHT Company

The IOTA Chrysalis mainnet and testnet serve as public IOTA Networks, providing an environment for the development of permissionless applications based on the Tangle. However, there may arise situations where the preference is to establish a Private IOTA Network (Private Tangle), limiting participation to a specific group of stakeholders or nodes. In support of the IOTA Community engaged in such scenarios, a set of Docker-based tools and setups have been developed to facilitate the deployment of a Private Tangle, which is based on Hornet, with just a single click.

Operating a Private Tangle necessitates the identification of the authorized organizations, along with meeting the necessary requirements, for deploying an IOTA node. In a Private Tangle, nodes establish peer connections within the network, while transactions generated within this network are exclusively shared, validated, and stored across the nodes that are part of this specific network.