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This is a reconfigured open-source software product with an additional cost associated with the stack. This stack includes Apache2, MariaDB, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Webmin, and Scripts, simplifying the utilization of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL, PHP) technology. It comes with phpMyAdmin for web-based MySQL/MariaDB administration, Webmin for file transfer, and Scripts for managing passwords, backups, and updates.

This technology stack is fully compatible with various applications. Leveraging the capabilities of MariaDB, it offers an advanced extension of MySQL’s replication technology, ideal for managing large-scale production deployments. The Intuz LAMP Stack provides a comprehensive MariaDB development environment that can be launched with a single click.

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Please note that all software, trademarks, logos, licenses, and other intellectual properties utilized in this AMI are the exclusive property of their respective owners. This AMI incorporates open-source software, and as such, enterprise version licenses cannot be used with it.