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Experience a streamlined website management with Drupal 7 content management system, complete with the latest versions of numerous Drupal modules upon instance launch. Weekly automated updates for Drupal core and modules, coupled with daily security updates, ensure a secure and up-to-date platform. The underlying Ubuntu system also undergoes automatic security updates, allowing you to focus on managing website content while system administration takes care of itself. The rich array of Drupal modules includes features like advanced forum, blog, Ubercart ecommerce system, internationalization, Google maps, spam control, views, panels, media, metatags quick, migrate, chaos tools, CCK, webform, XML sitemap, and more. This product is thoughtfully designed to simplify the responsibilities of website owners and developers, offering a secure, self-managing server platform robust enough to handle substantial ecommerce workloads, all at an exceptional value. Additionally, Xenofile Country Blocker, featuring a user-friendly web interface for IP address range blocking based on geographical location, is integrated, accessible via port 30000, with default blocking of Russia and China from www pages upon instance launch.