An IIHT Company

This AMI undergoes rigorous hardening and regular maintenance to ensure it aligns with the guidelines in the relevant CIS Benchmark. The Level 1 Profile settings are carefully applied to boost security while maintaining technological functionality. Regular security patches and maintenance updates are a vital part of our commitment to deliver top-notch customer service and an enhanced user experience.

The Rocky Linux 9 virtual machine image, preconfigured and updated with essential security controls, is designed to protect sensitive data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Businesses can quickly establish a secure and compliant workspace using our pre-set Rocky Linux 9 image, minimizing the time and resources typically needed for security setup. Our image is continually updated to stay ahead of the latest security threats and comply with evolving compliance laws, instilling confidence in customers that their data is secure.

Our team consists of specialists with extensive expertise in security and compliance norms, ensuring that our virtual machine image adheres to the highest security standards. Additionally, our proficient team offers consistent support to meet customers’ security requirements, emphasizing our dedication to providing a secure and superior user experience.