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This product is a repackaged open-source software with extra charges for supplementary services.

Ghost, an open-source publishing platform, streamlines content creation and management for both individuals and organizations.

How does Hossted Ghost deployment distinguish itself from the standard Ghost Community Edition?

Hossted Dashboard: Leveraging the Hossted CLI and Dashboard, users can effortlessly manage their Ghost application. From configuring custom domains to monitoring Ghost instances, these tools offer complete control, enhancing the Ghost experience. To sign up for the Hossted dashboard, execute the provided command in the instance’s terminal: # hossted register.

Instant Deployment: Hossted ensures a swift Ghost deployment process, taking less than 5 minutes. The simplicity of this process is demonstrated in the attached video.

Advanced Security Measures: Hossted bolsters Ghost’s security with industry best practices, integrating built-in SSL, secure access, and recommendations for regular image updates. This approach ensures heightened application security through consistent scans and updates, prioritizing safety.

Enhanced Support (optional): Hossted’s Ghost deployment includes an optional, affordable, and high-quality support service. This service covers cloud integration assistance, expert community guidance, and support, providing an additional layer of value for users seeking comprehensive assistance.