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FreeSWITCH is a highly acclaimed open-source telephony platform renowned for its ability to route and connect various forms of media such as audio, video, and text. FusionPBX enhances this by providing a user-friendly web-based GUI along with an array of supplementary features. Together, they present a feature-rich toolkit deployable within minutes, encompassing call centers, video conferencing, calling cards, enterprise PBX, multi-tenancy, voicemails, IVR, PSTN gateways, and more.

This AMI is built on a fast and responsive 64-bit Amazon Linux, for optimal performance on AWS EC2. It incorporates stringent security measures like fail2ban and cloud-optimized settings. The build is powered by the popular Apache web server and a lightweight SQLite database. A fee is associated with this product, covering AWS integration, Amazon Linux adaptation, cloud-centric configuration, security fortification, and performance fine-tuning.