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Flatcar Container Linux LTS stands as a Long Term Support variant of Flatcar Container Linux, tailored for production container environments that demand top-tier stability and security.

It operates as a self-updating OS crafted explicitly for containers, serving as an excellent choice for orchestrating Kubernetes and various other container platforms. This makes it highly suitable for individuals engaged in deploying containerized applications, especially those emphasizing security and scalability.

Key Reasons for Opting for Flatcar Container Linux LTS:

Enhanced Security: Adhering to a minimalistic distribution with an immutable file system aligns with NIST recommendations for application container security. It minimizes attack surfaces and mitigates typical risks associated with general-purpose OSs.

Automated Updates: Flatcar’s robust auto-update mechanism simplifies the process of keeping your entire fleet up-to-date with the latest features and security patches. It offers the flexibility to roll back updates in case of upgrade issues on specific instances.

Simplified Infrastructure: Being a minimal distribution, Flatcar includes precisely the components needed for deploying containers—nothing more. Its immutable file system and auto-update functionality reduce the need for extensive operational support.

Long-Term Stability: Flatcar Container Linux LTS is maintained for an extended period of up to 18 months. This extended support makes it an excellent choice for users prioritizing stability over rapidly evolving features.