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This product entails charges for comprehensive support, maintenance, and streamlined pre-configuration, ensuring swift deployment on AWS Marketplace while adhering to rigorous security and enterprise standards.

Firebird stands as a robust relational database management system, showcasing exceptional performance and remarkable scalability. Its versatility spans from embedded, single-user models to expansive enterprise-wide deployments. Firebird is capable of efficiently handling multiple databases exceeding 2 terabytes, accommodating hundreds of concurrent clients.

With outstanding compatibility across a wide array of industry standards, Firebird emerges as the prime option for crafting interoperable applications, suitable for both homogeneous and hybrid environments.

The distinct strengths of Firebird lie in its commitment to high performance, compact footprint, unparalleled scalability, hassle-free and rapid installation, rendering it a highly appealing choice for diverse software developers and vendors looking for seamless deployment on AWS Marketplace.