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All EC2 instance types have the same price, and usage charges are USD 0.035/hour.
This is a repackaged open source software product wherein additional charges apply for support and maintenance. EMQX Community Edition is an Open-source MQTT broker with a high-performance real-time message processing engine, powering event streaming for IoT devices at massive scale.
As the most scalable MQTT broker, EMQX can help you connect any device, at any scale. Move and process your IoT data anywhere.
Massive Scale: Scale to 100 million concurrent MQTT connections with a single EMQX 5.0 cluster.
High Performance: Move and process millions of MQTT messages per second in a single broker.
Low Latency: Guarantee sub-millisecond latency in message delivery with the soft real-time runtime.
Fully MQTT 5.0: 100% compliant with MQTT 5.0 and 3.x standard for better scalability, security, and reliability.
High Availability: Achieve high availability and horizontal scalability through a masterless distributed architecture.

The price performance of AWS Graviton is 40% higher than that of x86. Compared with the x86 based instances of the 5th generation of Amazon Cloud Technology, the general abrupt (T4g), general (M6g), computing optimized (C6g), memory optimized (R6g, X2gd), Nitro SSD storage optimized (Im4gn, Is4gen), and GPU accelerated (G5g) models based on Amazon Cloud Technology Graviton2 provide up to 40% price performance improvement for a wide range of workloads.
The latest Graviton3 currently offers C7g series instances. Compared with Graviton2, the computing performance of Graviton3 processor is improved by 25%, the floating point performance is improved by 2 times, and the encryption workload performance is improved by 2 times.

The performance of M6g.xlarge/M6g.4xlarge is 10% better than that of m5.xlarge/m5.4xlarge and 27% cheaper. M6g.16xlarge has the same performance as m5.24xlarge, but it is 46% cheaper.

AMI image is pre-installed with AWS CLI tool, The AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) is an open source tool that enables you to interact with AWS services using commands in your command-line shell. With minimal configuration, the AWS CLI enables you to start running commands that implement functionality equivalent to that provided by the browser-based AWS Management Console from the command prompt in your terminal program.”