An IIHT Company

A multi-dimensional security fabric has been created to secure data and communications designed to enable zero trust principles for cloud consumers. The dimensions, which function simultaneously, are Fractionalization, Multipathing, Network Watermark™, Intelligent Machine Authentication™, and Measurement of Change. This enables the virtualization of private or commercial cloud services across multiple local or geographically dispersed servers by providing a unique, continual and autonomous authentication method for all endpoints (Virtual, Physical, Mobile, etc.). It also provides a robust and unique solution for disaster protection and operational continuity, information security and superior performance in congested and contested networks. This is a secure software fabric that enables operators to manage how machines, processes, and components engage with each other. Facilitating true zero-trust security from edge systems and sensors across ubiquitous communications networks to the end user, from the edge to the cloud (public or private). Facilitating these secure communications over and across edge, end-user devices, and local commercial cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MPLS, DISN MILSATCOM, DISN OTN, Broadband Internet, etc.) and satellite.”