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It seems like you’re describing a software package or image that combines open source software (specifically Docker 19 on Debian 10) with additional support services for a fee. Let’s break down the key points in your description:

Repackaged Open Source Software: The software you’re referring to is based on open source software, likely Docker 19 running on Debian 10. “Repackaged” suggests that it has been bundled or customized in some way.

Additional Charges for Extended Support: Users of this software have the option to pay extra for extended support, which may include features like a 24-hour response time for support requests.

Docker 19 on Debian 10: The core of this software package is Docker version 19 running on the Debian 10 operating system. This combination allows for containerization and management of applications.

Includes Support: The package includes some level of support, presumably a basic level. More advanced support is available for a fee.

Docker Community Edition: Docker Community Edition (CE) is the free, open-source version of Docker that allows users to create and manage containers. It’s mentioned here as part of the software package, indicating that users can deploy and manage their own Docker setups.

Docker Swarm Setups: Docker Swarm is a native clustering and orchestration solution for Docker. It’s mentioned as part of the capabilities of Docker CE, indicating that users can set up and manage Docker Swarm clusters using this software package.

In summary, this seems to be a Docker image based on Debian 10, including Docker 19, with options for additional paid support. It’s designed to cater to users who want to run Docker containers and potentially set up Docker Swarm clusters while having access to support services for troubleshooting and maintenance.