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Experience faster and more secure remote access to Amazon Workspaces™ anywhere in the world with DispersiveCloud. DispersiveCloud can improve the latency of accessing your existing Workspaces on average by 20% or more! By overcoming the limitations of traditional network latency and IPsec VPNs, it provides military-grade security and award-winning cloud obfuscation technology that protects data in transit from all threat actors.

When your Workspaces users must access critical data in the home region, DispersiveCloud makes this possible without duplicating Workspaces outside the region. Additionally, DispersiveCloud can eliminate the risk of accessing Amazon Workspaces™ using public IP addresses by leveraging the military-grade encryption and data obfuscation capabilities. This way, you can protect your Amazon Workspaces™ from any risks posed when accessed from personal computer and mobile devices