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Consul is a versatile networking tool that provides a comprehensive service mesh solution, addressing networking and security challenges in the operation of microservices and cloud infrastructure, including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Consul utilizes service identities and traditional networking practices to enable secure application connections across various environments.

Key features include:

Service Discovery: Clients can register a service, such as api or mysql, and Consul allows other clients to discover providers of a specific service.
Health Checking: Consul clients can configure numerous health checks, associated with either a particular service or the local node.
KV Store: Applications can leverage Consul’s hierarchical key/value store for various purposes, including dynamic configuration, feature flagging, coordination, leader election, and more.
Secure Service Communication: Consul can generate and distribute TLS certificates for services to establish mutual TLS connections.
Multi Datacenter: Consul natively supports multiple datacenters.”