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CloudRouter is a collaborative open-source initiative with a primary focus on developing a robust and user-friendly router tailored for cloud environments.

The landscape of compute resources is evolving swiftly, transitioning from traditional physical infrastructure to a blend of physical, virtual, and cloud-based setups. A parallel transformation is taking shape in the networking domain, characterized by a shift from proprietary hardware-centric platforms to open-source software-centric solutions. CloudRouter, in response to this shift, represents a software-based router distribution engineered to operate seamlessly across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It plays a pivotal role in supporting the infrastructure of software-defined networking (SDN). This versatile router encompasses the essential features typically found in conventional hardware routers, while also embracing emerging technologies such as containers and software-defined interconnection.

At its core, CloudRouter serves as an enabler for organizations seeking to transition to cloud computing while retaining essential control over network routing and governance. In essence, it empowers businesses to embrace cloud migration without compromising their ability to manage and govern network resources effectively.