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Cloudmon ITIM empowers IT and DevOps teams with proactive IT infrastructure monitoring capabilities across diverse environments, including on-premises (physical/virtual) and public cloud setups. It offers a unified and real-time visualization of your IT infrastructure, encompassing physical servers, virtual workloads, network devices, and network links, effectively consolidating the functions of multiple IT monitoring tools.

Cloudmon ITIM delivers essential Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics and intelligent alerts. It goes beyond mere data collection by correlating these metrics to provide valuable insights and inferences based on this correlation.

The Basic edition of Cloudmon ITIM encompasses the following features:

Agent-based and agent-less operation
Comprehensive visibility into system performance
Monitoring of network devices and bandwidth using SNMP
Tracking of virtual servers (KVM, VMware, Citrix, etc.) and cloud servers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Monitoring of physical servers, hosts, and laptops
Compatibility with various OS environments, including different flavors of Linux and Windows
Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring
Cloudmon ITIM conducts active (synthetic) availability monitoring. This means that it continuously assesses system performance against predefined thresholds, promptly notifying IT administrators when thresholds are exceeded or potential SLA violations are imminent.

These real-time alerts empower proactive corrective actions, mitigating potential failures and minimizing the impact on applications. This approach ensures a superior user experience and enhances overall system reliability.

It’s worth noting that Cloudmon ITIM received the prestigious 2021 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year award, underscoring its excellence in IT infrastructure monitoring and management.