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CIS Benchmarks are trusted security configuration guides accepted by various sectors. They offer a foundation for securing systems and networks and help with cybersecurity framework compliance. These benchmarks come in two levels:

1. Level 1 focuses on basic security measures suitable for all systems, providing reasonable protection against common attacks.

2. Level 2 offers extra security controls tailored to specific system functions, suitable for systems handling sensitive data or critical services.

In summary, Level 1 is for foundational security, while Level 2 adds specialized controls.

This Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 image is pre-hardened with 200+ security controls to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It simplifies deploying a CIS Level 1-compliant environment, saving time and resources. Regular updates keep it secure, making it ideal for regulated industries.

Foundation Security has security experts who design and implement this image with high standards. They provide ongoing support to meet customers’ security needs.