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“CIS Benchmarks are recognized as security configuration guidelines developed and accepted by various sectors, including government, business, industry, and academia. These benchmarks are vendor-neutral and serve as the foundational framework for securing both systems and networks. Beyond enhancing security, they also assist organizations in meeting diverse cybersecurity frameworks. CIS Benchmarks are categorized into two levels: Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 benchmarks concentrate on fundamental security measures suitable for all systems, regardless of their function. These benchmarks are designed to offer a baseline level of security and safeguard systems from common threats.

Conversely, Level 2 benchmarks provide supplementary security controls tailored to specific system functions or roles. Level 2 benchmarks are intended for systems that handle more sensitive data or deliver critical services.

In essence, Level 1 benchmarks provide essential security controls that should be implemented across all systems, while Level 2 benchmarks introduce additional controls customized to particular system functions and roles.

A preconfigured virtual machine image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is fortified with over 200+ built-in security controls to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. This readily deployable image facilitates the creation of a CIS Level 1-compliant environment, reducing the time and resources required for security implementation. Regular updates are incorporated to stay ahead of emerging security threats and compliance regulations, providing assurance that data remains well-protected. This solution is particularly suitable for government agencies, contractors, and businesses operating in highly-regulated industries like healthcare and finance.

A dedicated team of industry experts with profound knowledge of security and compliance regulations oversees the design and implementation of this virtual machine image. Additionally, this experienced team offers continuous support to address customers’ security requirements.”