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This product incorporates more than 400 security controls aligned with CIS Benchmarks for enhanced security.

Ubuntu 16.04 offers a secure, stable, and high-performance environment suitable for developing and running cloud and enterprise applications. Our product is regularly updated and maintained to ensure optimal performance and security.

Utilizing an image that adheres to the recommended security configurations outlined in the CIS Benchmark can significantly reduce costs, save time, and mitigate risks for your organization. Our product aligns with most of the recommendations from the corresponding CIS Benchmark, including Level 1 Profile settings that bolster security without compromising usability.

It’s essential to take note that this is the default Hardened Ubuntu 16.04 AMI recommended by our team of security experts. We provide continuous security updates and maintenance to all instances running Ubuntu 16.04 AMIs.

As a trusted consulting partner, we specialize in assisting small and medium-sized businesses in establishing secure and well-structured AWS environments. We offer the necessary tools and expertise to help you scale securely.