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This image comes preconfigured in accordance with the recommendations outlined in the CIS Benchmark.

CIS Benchmarks are renowned for being vendor-agnostic, consensus-based security configuration guides that have gained widespread acceptance across government, business, industry, and academia. These benchmarks also provide a solid foundation for ensuring compliance with various cybersecurity frameworks.

The specific CIS Benchmark that serves as the foundation for this image was designed to cater to the needs of a wide range of professionals. This includes system and application administrators, security specialists, auditors, help desk professionals, and platform deployment personnel who are involved in the development, deployment, assessment, or security of solutions incorporating this Linux system.

Opting for an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that has undergone this hardening process can result in tangible benefits for your organization’s AWS solution. These benefits include reduced time, cost savings, and a reduced risk profile.

The team behind this effort functions as a trusted consultant partner, specializing in helping small and medium-sized businesses establish and maintain secure cloud operations. They possess expertise in cloud virtual machines (VMs) and offer secure virtual machine solutions tailored to your specific requirements. You can confidently commence building your secure cloud infrastructure today, guided by their expertise in cloud VMs.