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This AMI has been fortified with more than 400 security controls, in line with the standards outlined by CIS Benchmarks.

Linux offers a secure, stable, and high-performance environment that is ideal for developing and running cloud and enterprise applications. The product, part of a specialized offering, undergoes regular updates and maintenance to ensure its continued reliability.

Choosing an image that adheres to the established security configuration standards set forth by a CIS Benchmark can lead to significant cost savings, reduced deployment time, and decreased security risks for an organization. This product has been thoughtfully configured to incorporate most of the recommendations from the corresponding CIS Benchmark, with particular emphasis on the Level 1 Profile settings. The objective is to enhance security without compromising the technology’s functionality beyond acceptable limits.

It’s important to highlight that this represents the recommended default hardened AMI as advised by our team of security professionals. Additionally, ongoing security updates and maintenance are provided for all instances.

This entity serves as a trusted consultant partner, with a specialization in assisting small and medium-sized businesses. They possess expertise in cloud virtual machines (VMs) and offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. You can confidently initiate your cloud infrastructure journey today, prioritizing both security and expertise.