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The mentioned product has been fortified with over 400 security controls, aligning with CIS Benchmarks for robust security.

Amazon Linux 2 is the foundation for this product, providing a secure, stable, and high-performance environment for the development and operation of cloud and enterprise applications. Regular updates and maintenance are carried out to ensure the product remains current and secure.

Employing an image that conforms to the established security configuration standards defined by CIS Benchmarks can result in cost, time, and risk reduction for organizations. The product is configured to incorporate most of the recommendations from the corresponding CIS Benchmark, with a specific focus on the Level 1 Profile settings. This approach aims to enhance security without unduly limiting the technology’s usability.

It’s worth noting that the default Hardened Amazon Linux 2 AMI is recommended by security experts. Continuous security updates and maintenance are available for all instances that utilize Amazon Linux 2 AMIs.

The organization behind this product specializes in assisting small and medium-sized businesses in securely launching their AWS initiatives. They provide the essential tools and expertise required to facilitate secure scaling within the AWS environment.