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“This Amazon Machine Image (AMI) has undergone an extensive hardening process, implementing more than 400 security controls following CIS Benchmarks.

Linux offers a secure, stable, and high-performance environment for developing and running both cloud and enterprise applications. This Blume product receives regular updates and maintenance to ensure ongoing security.

Launching an image that adheres to the established security configuration baselines of a CIS Benchmark can significantly reduce an organization’s costs, save time, and lower risks. This product is configured to follow most of the recommendations outlined in the corresponding CIS Benchmark, specifically focusing on the Level 1 Profile settings. These settings aim to provide robust security benefits without unreasonably limiting the technology’s utility.

Please note that this is the recommended default hardened AMI. Additionally, ongoing security updates and maintenance are provided regularly for all instances.

We specialize in assisting small and medium-sized businesses as trusted consultants. We are experts in cloud virtual machines, allowing you to build your infrastructure with confidence and without compromise.”