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The Apple macOS 11 Big Sur Level 1 Hardened Image is a image designed for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). It is crafted to adhere to industry-recognized security standards while operating on Amazon EC2 instances.

This image, based on Apple macOS 11 Big Sur Level 1, has undergone prior hardening following the guidance of CIS Benchmarks and receives regular monthly patches to uphold its security posture. It has been configured to align with the Level 1 profile, aiming to provide enhanced security without compromising usability or functionality.

It’s important to note that this image does not introduce or remove any additional packages beyond what is already included in the base image, except when such actions are in accordance with recommendations provided by the corresponding CIS Benchmark.

To demonstrate adherence to the CIS Apple macOS 11 Big Sur Level 1 Benchmark, which follows widely accepted hardening guidelines, each image includes an HTML report generated by the Configuration Assessment Tool. Additionally, various files are provided, including reports before and after CIS Benchmark application, a list of resident packages, and exceptions where certain recommendations may not be applied to ensure smooth image use and integration with cloud service provider (CSP) services or extensions.