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This Alma Linux 8 image has been preconfigured according to the recommendations specified in the corresponding CIS Benchmark. CIS Benchmarks are widely accepted security configuration guides developed through consensus, encompassing input from government, business, industry, and academic experts. These benchmarks provide a solid foundation for achieving compliance with various cybersecurity frameworks.

It’s essential to recognize that cloud environments and operating systems are not inherently secure by default. Opting for an image that has undergone hardening based on the trusted security configuration baselines prescribed by a CIS Benchmark can significantly reduce costs, save time, and mitigate risks for organizations.

This particular image has been securely configured by following a majority of the recommendations outlined in the freely available PDF version of the corresponding CIS Benchmark. The Level 1 Profile settings within the CIS Benchmark have been applied to enhance security without compromising the usability and functionality of the technology.

For those seeking more in-depth information or access to the specific CIS Benchmark related to this image, you can explore resources outside of this platform. The Benchmark underlying this image is designed for use by system and application administrators, security specialists, auditors, help desk professionals, and personnel involved in the deployment or security of solutions utilizing Alma Linux 8.