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CipherTrust Platform Community Edition streamlines the process of implementing data security, allowing you to safeguard your data’s velocity and ensure compliance. DevSecOps teams can seamlessly integrate key management (KMS), encryption, and tokenization in significantly less time compared to other solutions.

CipherTrust Manager Community Edition simplifies your workflow by providing centralized key lifecycle management with role-based access controls for encryption keys and policies. It enhances compliance with robust auditing and reporting features. Integration is made effortless thanks to developer-friendly APIs, including REST, KMIP, and NAE-XML, while operational efficiency is improved through the clear separation of DevSecOps responsibilities.

At the heart of the Data Security Platform, CipherTrust Manager Community Edition offers a unified management console for various CipherTrust Connectors. These connectors facilitate the discovery, protection, and control of sensitive data, regardless of where it resides – whether in file systems, folders, databases, applications, containers, big data environments, or virtualized setups.

For meeting compliance requirements, CipherTrust Manager Community Edition simplifies the process by providing key management activity logs that create a non-repudiable audit trail. This audit trail can be forwarded to a security information management (SIEM) platform for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.