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This is an adapted open-source software product, and there may be additional fees for accessing technical support and maintenance.

This package comprises three DevOps tools: Gradle, Ansible, and Chef, all configured to run on Ubuntu 18.04.

Chef is a configuration management tool that relies on Ruby scripting to define infrastructure as code, allowing users to automate node management and maintain uniformity across multiple nodes.

Ansible, an open-source automation software, is tailored for configuring, managing, and deploying software applications on nodes without causing downtime, utilizing SSH. It categorizes servers into two types: controlling machines (where Ansible is installed) and nodes, which are managed by the controlling machine through SSH. The controlling machine specifies node locations through its inventory.

In addition, Gradle serves as a versatile build automation tool, capable of constructing various applications, from mobile apps to microservices. It provides a comprehensive platform for building, testing, and managing applications.