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The process of delivering a broadcast channel involves intricate coordination of various components, each with its associated costs, management needs, and maintenance requirements. This solution simplifies these complexities by consolidating multiple channel functionalities and features into a single platform. The PRO version of this solution, for instance, offers the ability to manage multiple channels for real-time broadcasting and offline scheduling, program planning, and commercial block management. It serves as an integrated system encompassing both broadcast automation control and real-time video server capabilities, accommodating playout in SD, HD, and UHD formats within a unified software suite.

For monitoring streams from diverse sources, whether local or remote, a Multiviewer tool is available. This tool includes a robust analysis and alert system designed to detect and address signal issues as they occur. It receives RTP/UDP streams over Ethernet and supports decoding of MPEG-2 and H.264 streams up to 4K resolution with full 4.2.2 color, as well as handling MPEG audio and AAC-HE2.

To ensure the reliable and rapid recording of real-time content for quick accessibility to your business, a Capture PRO solution is provided. This solution offers operators a user-friendly interface for controlling dedicated ingest software services. These services simultaneously generate multiple content versions to meet archive, editing, and remote work needs. Capture PRO supports a wide range of modern industrial codecs and file formats, from established MOV files to newer standards like MXF AS11, ensuring adaptability and reliability. Additionally, it allows content to be written to both local and network storage simultaneously, serving as a backup measure for unexpected scenarios.