An IIHT Company

“This is a reconfigured open-source software product, and there are additional charges for technical support offered by our team. To access support, please contact our IT support. What distinguishes us is the additional layer of technical support included with our virtual machines (VMs). While our technical support is limited, our team of experts is highly skilled at resolving common issues that users may encounter. This ensures that your operations remain seamless when using our virtual machines, and you can rely on a dependable support system in case any problems arise. This commitment is an essential part of our dedication to providing outstanding customer service and enhancing the overall user experience.

Our CentOS 9 virtual machine image comes preconfigured and regularly updated with built-in security measures aimed at preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. With our preconfigured CentOS 9 image, businesses can easily establish a secure and compliant workspace, reducing the time and resources typically required for security setup. Our image is consistently refreshed to stay current with the latest security threats and compliance regulations, giving customers confidence that their data is well protected.

At our company, we have a team of specialists with extensive expertise in security and compliance standards. This ensures that our virtual machine image is meticulously designed to meet the highest security standards. Furthermore, our proficient team consistently provides unwavering support, ensuring that our customers’ security needs are met to their satisfaction. This underscores our commitment to delivering a secure and superior user experience.”