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“This is a customized edition of open-source software, and it comes with additional charges for support services.

It’s a streamlined installation of CentOS 7.3.1611 HVM, optimized for lightweight performance within the AWS environment. This AMI contains only the essential packages necessary for seamless operation on AWS. It includes a pre-installed SSH server, enabling connections to the instance using the ‘centos’ username and the provided key during launch. For detailed guidance on connecting to AWS instances, please consult the ‘Connect to your Linux instance using SSH – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud’ documentation.

The image is kept up to date at the time of upload, with regular updates scheduled to maintain its currency. Red Hat has established June 30, 2024, as the end date for Maintenance Support for RHEL 7, the upstream source for CentOS 7. Considering that RHEL 7 was initially released on June 10, 2014, the June 2024 EOL date for CentOS 7 aligns with the anticipated 10-year support cycle.”