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The “PROD14995 ITOM Professional” from ServiceNow is a comprehensive platform that combines observability and AI-OPs capabilities, with the primary aim of reducing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and predicting potential issues in IT operations. It encompasses a range of features, including:

Automated IT Asset Discovery and CMDB Management: This function automatically identifies all IT assets and facilitates the management of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Service Mapping: It creates maps of critical application processes to provide clear insights into their interdependencies.

Event Management: The platform efficiently handles IT events.

Metric Intelligence: It likely offers insights based on metrics to support decision-making.

Certificate Management: This feature assists in the efficient management of digital certificates.

Firewall Audit Management: It ensures compliance and security through the management of firewall audits.

Performance Analytics and Predictive Intelligence: These capabilities enable data-driven performance analysis and the prediction of potential issues.

Licensing for this ITOM Professional solution is based on a Subscription Unit (SU), where one SU includes 1 Server, 3 PaaS Resources, 3 Containers, 4 End User Computing Devices, and 1 unresolved monitored object.

Please be aware that the pricing for this product is subject to a minimum total order value for all ServiceNow products, which must be equal to or exceed $120,000. This minimum order requirement ensures that the product pricing applies when acquiring various ServiceNow products collectively.

This ITOM Professional platform is engineered to streamline IT operations, enhance observability, and proactively manage issues, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of IT processes. For specific pricing details and additional information about this ITOM Professional solution, it is recommended to contact the respective service provider directly.