An IIHT Company

The “PROD17238 HR Service Management” package offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities tailored for efficient HR service management. These capabilities include:

Advanced Employee Service Portal: This feature likely provides employees with an advanced portal for accessing HR services and information.

Case Management: The system appears to facilitate the efficient handling and tracking of HR-related cases and inquiries.

Knowledge Management: It likely includes tools for effectively managing HR knowledge resources, making it easier to access pertinent information.

Onboarding and Transitions: This feature is designed to assist with the onboarding process for new employees and provide support during transitions within the organization.

Employee Journey: The application may help map and manage the various touchpoints and interactions throughout an employee’s journey within the company.

Licensing for this HR Service Management solution is based on a per-employee model, meaning that licenses must be obtained for each employee using the system.

This minimum order requirement ensures that the product pricing is applicable when acquiring ServiceNow products collectively.

This package is designed to streamline HR service delivery and enhance the overall employee experience by providing a comprehensive set of tools and features. For specific pricing details and additional information about this HR Service Management solution, it is recommended to reach out directly to the service provider.