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“BMC Helix Automation Console simplifies the patching process, facilitating rapid remediation of security vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance through automation, and leveraging advanced analytics.

When integrated with your TrueSight Server Automation, BMC TrueSight Automation Console enhances your capabilities as follows:

It collects and consolidates data from vulnerability scanners, transforming it into actionable insights using advanced analytics.
It associates vulnerabilities with specific servers and patches, evaluates their severity, identifies affected business services, schedules remediation tasks, and automates corrective actions.
It provides real-time visibility into security vulnerabilities, detects vulnerabilities on unmapped assets, identifies missing patches, and highlights misconfigured resources.
It offers a user-friendly, state-of-the-art patching experience for simplicity and swift resolution of vulnerabilities.
It automates compliance with both regulatory mandates and internal policies, ensuring continuous audit preparedness.”