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The Blockchain Hardware Accelerator solution represents a secure engine designed for handling computationally intensive tasks within the realm of public key infrastructure. It specializes in executing operations such as signature generation and verification with efficiency and security.

This hardware accelerator combines a load dispatcher with a configurable set of instances of the Public Key Crypto Engine (BA414EP). This approach optimizes transaction processing by distributing the workload across multiple components, resulting in improved transaction speed and overall performance without excessive resource consumption. The architecture is capable of robustly supporting high-performance offloading and encompasses a comprehensive range of cryptographic algorithms, including ECC. It seamlessly manages ECDSA operations, which are commonly used in popular blockchain applications like Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Hyperledger. Furthermore, it extends its support to EdDSA, employing the Edwards25519 curve, as seen in the Libra blockchain.

The distinctive architecture of this solution ensures scalability, offering a well-balanced trade-off between throughput, resource utilization, and latency. This adaptability allows it to deliver optimal performance across diverse applications, regardless of the underlying platform. It finds utility in various domains, including blockchain scalability, cryptocurrency transactions, cloud computing, and data centers. Additionally, its drivers feature an asynchronous API (non-blocking API) that has been seamlessly integrated into OpenSSL Async, enhancing its functionality and usability.