An IIHT Company

“Experience a user-friendly interface that you can customize to create multiple dashboards with live widgets. It includes device listings, device logs, sample client code, and Sys Topic for detailed device information. Secure login ensures controlled access to the interface.

Utilize the built-in Rule engine to automate device actions based on conditions, with the ability to receive alerts triggered by payload data.

Explore powerful extensions like Custom storage, Custom data store, Custom scheduler, Custom UI Server, and Custom Authentication. These extensions empower you to streamline application development with your own custom code. Find more information in this document: link.

Easily connect your MQTT broker to web applications or integrate it with mobile applications using the REST API.

Benefit from flexible security options, including TLS/SSL, X.506 Authorization, and device-level and remote-level authentication.

While MQTT data is stored in SQLITE by default, we offer customizable storage options, including MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and other big data engines like Elastic Search. Explore our custom storage solutions here: link.

Our MQTT broker seamlessly supports all languages, allowing you to adapt the user interface to your preferred language.”