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This is a modified open-source software product where additional charges apply for supplementary services.

Baserow is an open-source no-code database tool and serves as an alternative to Airtable.

What advantages does this deployment offer over the standard Baserow Community Edition?

Dashboard: With the CLI and Dashboard tools, you can effortlessly manage your Baserow application. These tools offer complete control over your Baserow instance, allowing you to set up custom domains and monitor your application’s performance.

Instant Deployment: This deployment solution streamlines the process, allowing you to deploy Baserow in less than 5 minutes. Watch the attached video to see how straightforward it is.

Advanced Security Measures: Security enhancements are in place to bolster the safety of your Baserow deployment. This includes adhering to best practices, implementing built-in SSL, ensuring secure access, and providing guidelines for routine image updates. These measures are designed to elevate the security of your application.

Enhanced Support (optional): Opting for this deployment includes access to affordable, high-quality support, assistance with cloud integration, and expert input from the community as an additional service.