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“Amazon Linux 2 is a Linux distribution renowned for its exceptional compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), offering extended support, consistent security enhancements, and performance improvements. It’s important to note that this product incurs charges for the support services and stack it includes. The Linux kernel forms the core of the operating system, managing system resources and facilitating interaction between software and hardware.

As of February 2023, Amazon Web Services (AWS) officially supports Amazon Linux 2 with Linux kernel version 4.14. This kernel version, first released in 2017, holds the LTS (Long-Term Support) status, meaning it receives extended security updates and bug fixes. This LTS designation is valuable for systems requiring enduring stability and reliability.

While Amazon Linux 2 can function with different kernel versions, version 4.14 is the recommended choice for its optimized compatibility with Amazon Web Services. Additionally, Amazon pledges to deliver support and security updates for this kernel version throughout the Amazon Linux 2 support lifecycle.”