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“This innovative data security platform takes a unique approach to safeguarding sensitive information, employing cryptographic techniques to protect data from its inception, throughout its usage, and during sharing across cloud-native data stores.

The Management Console, designed for the configuration, administration, and reporting of encryption solutions, is a web-based orchestration tool. Notably, access to the Management Console is provided at no cost.

Within this security framework, Protective Shields are strategically positioned as reverse proxies, acting as intermediaries between your applications and databases. These shields are responsible for encrypting or tokenizing data as it enters the databases, and they can also decrypt or mask data upon retrieval, all of which is governed by role-based access controls (RBAC). These proxy servers intercept SQL queries from applications, handling key management, encryption/decryption, and RBAC-based masking in near real-time. This approach minimizes or eliminates the need for extensive code modifications within your applications, making the implementation process more straightforward. Additionally, the modular architecture of the proxies ensures scalability to meet your performance and availability requirements.

The AWS Marketplace offers a selection of Protective Shield options, including:

Protective Shield for Postgres Static Data Masking for Lower Environments: This solution replicates production data into lower (pre-production) environments while anonymizing it, all while preserving the original data format and length.

Protective Shield for Postgres Dynamic Data Masking: It encrypts the database and facilitates full or partial data masking based on role-based access control (RBAC).

Protective Shield for Postgres Multi-tenant Data Security: This feature employs record-level encryption, utilizing distinct keys for each tenant. It allows your SaaS solution to scale while maintaining data isolation and security.

This platform streamlines the process of securely harnessing the value of your data, ensuring compliance with security standards, and mitigating the consequences of data breaches, even within environments beyond your direct control.”