An IIHT Company

The AWS Deep Learning Base AMI (Amazon Linux 2) v5, backed by a reliable team, offers a fundamental platform equipped with GPU drivers and acceleration libraries. This platform empowers you to construct a tailored deep learning environment according to your specific needs. You have the flexibility to choose from various CUDA versions, allowing you to create an environment with the latest NVIDIA software pre-installed. This way, you can focus on selecting the frameworks and versions that best align with your requirements.

Our company is rapidly expanding, self-sustaining, and operates on a global scale. Our core focus revolves around packaging applications and delivering them to our clients across diverse cloud platforms. We began our journey by creating installers for Windows and Linux for numerous ISVs. Over time, we’ve transformed into a leading provider of ready-to-deploy virtual machines and cloud images for some of the world’s top cloud service providers. Our mission is to facilitate the deployment of over 1 million applications per month.